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The Toothbrush Program

The Toothbrush Program allows Grotto Members and their Ladies to interact with the public to introduce  Grottoes International and their charitable endeavors. Toothbrushes are distributed in a public area where the members have an opportunity to talk and explain what the Grotto is and what they do. Donations are gratefully accepted and placed into the charitable trust and used to help fund the Dental Care for Children with Special Needs program.

A complete manual on organizing a Toothbrush Day is available through the Humanitarian Foundation office.

Aprons ** are available for use with the program, they are washable and can be used various times and functions. They have been printed with a picture of a Fez, an Enchanted Lantern and “Grotto Prophets Support Dental Care for Children with Special Needs”.  When you order a case of toothbrushes for your event, you are sent, free of charge, two aprons.  Any additional aprons will cost $15.00 + shipping.

Toothbrushes are provided to you by the Humanitarian Foundation. All donations received are to be sent to the Humanitarian Foundation office and the Grotto will be credited for the total of the donation.

Posters are available for you to use to promote your event prior to the date. Place them in high- traffic areas in your community. Immediately after the event, please file a report with the Humanitarian Foundation office along with a picture or two that can be displayed on the web site or possibly in the Grotto Magazine. It is strongly urged to send in the toothbrush report so we can keep track of how well the program is doing.

  • FREE – Toothbrushes provided
  • FREE– Posters provided
  • FREE– Toothbrush Day Manual Free
  • ** Additional Aprons are $15.00 each plus shipping

To place an order to sponsor a Toothbrush Day, call the Humanitarian Foundation office at 614.933.0711, fax your order to 614-933-0481, or email an order to:

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